Woodland Waters

Yorkville, Racine County, Wisconsin

If you love nature and secluded surroundings, then you must come to Woodland Waters. Collect your thoughts within this magnificent conservation subdivision, which will forever remain in its natural state. Enter through a quiet, tree-lined corridor. Listen to the silent stillness of the woods and welcome the breeze and sunshine on your face. Every homesite features a generous setback and ample lot size abutting water, woods or prairie.

Community amenities include:

  • Several community mound systems (included in price of lot, connection fee separate)
  • Covenants requiring all owners to participate with the land trust to keep the open areas in their natural state
  • Large and diverse walking area
  • Nine-acre lake, accessible by all homeowners. The lake contains a variety of game-size fish. Canoes, kayaks and rowboats are permitted.

Woodland Waters is located just west of I-94 in the Town of Yorkville, Wisconsin. Transportation options include fast access to the interstate via State Highway 20 (exit #333) and Amtrak, which runs several trains daily to Chicago and Milwaukee through the depot in Sturtevant. In addition, Racine County offers country clubs, golf courses and parks. 

Newport Development believes in preserving the land while providing a sanctuary you'll be proud to call home. Our careful attention to preserving the prairie and woodlands within the subdivision results in every lot featuring prairie, woods or water. This attention to detail allows the ecosystem to continue to thrive in a natural habitat. With 64% of the original land reserved for conservation purposes, abundant wildlife, as well as ample avian life including hummingbirds, red-tailed hawks, blue jays, blue herons and Coopers hawks will continue to call Woodland Waters home. 

Location Map: 

2512 65th Dr., Franksville, WI 53126

Lot # Lot Size Est. Acreage Waterfront Price Status
 1 348,648 8 Yes N/A SOLD
 2 45,524 1.05 Yes $299,900 SOLD
 3 44,465 1.02 Yes $159,900 SOLD
 4 45,057 1.03 Yes $139,900 SOLD
 5 46,659 1.07 Yes $209,900 SOLD
 6 45,084 1.03 Yes $209,900 SOLD
 7 43,922 1.01 Yes $199,900 SOLD
 8 46,012 1.06 Yes $159,900 SOLD
 9 55,341 1.27 Yes $299,900 SOLD
 10 48,212 1.11 Access $248,900 SOLD
 11 46,309 1.06 Access $248,900 SOLD
 12 44,198 1.01 Access $109,900 SOLD
 13 46,380 1.06 Access $109,900


 14 54,212 1.24 Access $109,900 SOLD
 15 57,001 1.31 Access $147,900 SOLD
 16 57,562 1.32 Access $119,900 SOLD
 17 49,012 1.13 Access $167,900 SOLD
 18 48,979 1.12 Access $109,900 SOLD
 19 51,446 1.18 Access $109,900 SOLD
 20 47,125 1.08 Access $99,900 SOLD
 21 57,845 1.33 Access $99,900 SOLD
 22 51,746 1.19 Access $99,900 SOLD
 23 49,394 1.13 Access $99,900 SOLD
 24 52,341 1.2 Access $109,900 SOLD

* Prices subject to change at Developer's Discretion


Plat maps are generally used to illustrate features, size and boundaries of a parcel of land. In addition to providing information about individual lots, plat maps provide information about a subdivision as a whole. These maps can be an invaluable resource when choosing a lot for your new home.


Click here to download the Woodland Waters Plat

Newport Development is committed to protecting the aesthetic features of our communities. As such, all homes in Woodland Waters are required to be constructed in accordance with our strict architectural guidelines, including:

  • Elements of brick or stone required on the front elevation of every home. Percentage of brick or stone required shall be subject to architectural review, but shall be adequately balanced to provide an aesthetically pleasing facade. 
  • Minimum home sizes, excluding garages, porches, covered decks and patios are:
    • 1 story - 2,400 square feet
    • 2 story - 3,000 square feet
    • 11/2 story - 2,800 square feet
  • Architectural dimensional shingles, or other approved materials (i.e., cedar, shake, clay tile) are required on all homes

Download a complete copy of the Restrictive Covenants for Woodland Waters

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